Some Clarification of What I do

Sometimes our lives do not reflect the knowledge and wisdom we have referred to as the hamster wheel of life. Often times we try to make changes using things like self-help or personal growth books, which works with and communicate with our conscious mind. However, Neuroscientists say up to 95% of what we do on a daily basis is controlled by our subconscious mind. Thus, if we want to create lasting change from the inside out we need to work with and communicate with the subconscious. This is why the Moving Forward with Hope team is committed to partnering with you using PSYCH-K and hypnosis to do exactly that.

Since this has been brought up on numerous occasions I wanted to clarify that this is not therapy or counseling. First of all this is not my training and educational experience. Additionally, it differs in other ways as well, since it is not necessary to transform the stress and negative emotions regarding a particular situation or events, by sharing the specific details. Instead, we would rather you focus on creating the life you want. Using an engaging and empowering process of PSYCH-K (psyche-kinesiology) we communicate with the subconscious mind, which is the storehouse for our thoughts, beliefs, and experience. We support you in manifesting the change you want in your own life.

Synergy is when two or more people come together to improve effectiveness. It always means the whole is greater than the sum of parts in relationship to the wholeness within each person. A catalyst is a person who supports and works with others to cause quick change. In other words, we come together with respect to create the life you want using the wisdom and knowledge within you to elicit (using PSYCH-K® or hypnosis) positive change in your life.